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1Body Med Spa Owner

Turista Jackson is the owner behind the Brand “1 Body Med Spa”. She is certified as a Master Trainer in Body Sculpting. With over 5 years of experience in the spa field of Non- Invasive luxury services, she is more than thrilled to offer worldwide events to encourage likely minded licensed professionals.


Turista is the owner of 1 Med Spa located in The Woodlands, Texas.

She works hard to create a Brand and supply luxury services that not only creates very LUCRATIVE results given the demand but also delivers amazing RESULTS to their clientele. She has created a training course to help women all over the world start their very own successful Million dollar business in a rewarding field. 


At a ripe age of only 30, she, in turn, is ready to spread the gifts of knowledge, training, and dedication one city at a time. 

 Become certified with Body and Business Spa Training today!


FOR QUESTIONS OR INFO CALL 832-981-Body (2639)

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