License vs. Certification

1Body Med Spa is now offering training for body contouring and a variety of body sculpting procedures leading in non-invasive treatments that can be completed during our 4-8 hour course.

1 Body Med Spa offers Business & Body training courses for a career change, as well as programs for body studios, and medical professionals.


Each course combines classroom education with hands-on training for the ultimate learning experience.

Our Comprehensive Course for beginners (no license required) covers the most in-demand treatments such as body contouring, buttocks enhancements, sauna steams, yoni steams, laser lipo, skin tightening, and more.


Our continuing education programs for licensed professionals offer training in microneedeling, lymphatic massage, vaginal & anal bleaching, etc.


  • Legal designation of professional status granted by state authorities

  • State authority defines task, function, educational requirements and scope of the practice

  •  A set of standards and practices must be completed

  • Proficiency must be demonstrated by passing one or several tests set forth by state authority

  • Depending on the state, the number of hours need to complete education ranges from 500 to 2400 hours

Obtaining a license in order to practice a profession is mandatory, and state laws may provide for criminal or administrative penalties for unlicensed practice. Penalties for violating license laws vary from state to state. Periodic license renewal is also mandatory and usually premised upon substantiating required continuing education or professional development.


  • Typically a voluntary process

  • Certification is provided by private organizations or companies

  • There is no oversight as to the viability and efficacy of the certification process

  • Time necessary to complete certification course varies, certification can be completed in as little as 4-8 hours

  • Practitioners seek certification usually as a form of self-promotion and in an attempt to distinguish one practitioner from another. There is no requirement to be certified and no governmental penalties for failure to achieve or loss of certification recognition.​ Certification does not provide a legal mechanism to practice an otherwise governmentally regulated profession but does provide certificate holders to accurately promote the fact that they are certified by the private entity.


OUR CERTIFICATION DOES NOT LICENSE INDIVIDUALS. PLEASE REFER TO YOUR LOCAL & STATE LICENSING OCCUPATIONAL REQUIREMENTS. It is your responsibility to ensure you follow the rules of your state and that you follow your scope of practice.